John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Lynn Chevron

While walking in Switzerland and living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, I started posting photographs from my walks. Models from around Europe started to reach out to me to shoot with them. With a little imagination I decided to interview the models and publish Model Citizens Magazine. That is how I turned a 3 month trip to detox from pain killers and take a break from the heat of Naples FL into a productive entrepreneurial expedition that lead me to travel all over Europe with some of the top models in the world. Here I interview Lynn Chevron an individual with a great heart who was recovering from her own obstacles in life. She was sincere, brave, and encouraging. Her issue Model Citizens France was very well received and scene all over the world. She herself recovered from her own “issues” and we have been friends ever since. It is amazing how a trip that was to determine if I could move back to Long Island and withstand colder weather turned out to be so much more. Live in Gratitude! Pay It Forward! Cherish your ChaptersOfLove™.


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