John Dowling Interviews NYC Dating Club Founder Irina Caccavale

Irina Caccavale is a matchmaker in NYC with over twelve years of experience. Irina founded the because she realized that matchmaking is both a time consuming and expensive process. If it were not, everyone would have already found their soulmate. Matchmaking takes a great deal of time and experience and everyone is so busy with their current lives that meeting someone is challenging. Especially for those that work full time or who are taking care of their children as single parents. Even many who are very attractive and who are beautiful both inside and outside may have focussed on their careers and just could not find the time to find that perfect match. Because of all of the lonely and authentic singles who were both looking for love and who do not want to “break the bank” finding their perfect match, Irina founded the NYC Dating club. The NYC Dating club is an economical alternative to the commercial dating sites that never seem to help you find a true match, most people are on them for years. Here is an interview with Irina I performed off camera. I really do  believe that dating clubs will be a great success and that Irina’s heart is truly dedicated to helping singles find their soulmates.

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