John Dowling Interviews

I’ve been interviewing people for over thirty years from business leaders, politicians, the girl next door, to celebrity interviews. In many cases I produced them and in others I would perform my interviews off camera.  Just look at my blog posts on LinkedIn and Facebook and you will see a nice sampling of them. I also have over 50,000 photojournalistic posts all over social media pages, groups, and shared throughout the Internet.

Now that I am out walking again and my interviews seem to get a ton of organic traffic, I am taking on sponsors for my new reality series. John Dowling Interviews! Yes I love people and I love to talk, as many of you know I have tens of thousands of followers. For that I am very grateful. In fact just to be alive after all I have endured is a miracle. I would like to continue telling stories, but not my own, yours. If you have found this page then you know that I shared my interest in interviewing you very early on and you are one of the select few that I have chosen as a model citizen to interview. Of course if you are a celebrity and would like to appear on my new series, I would love to have you.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is unique and their life is unique. I love being the individual who helps share those stories in authentic and genuine ways. People genuinely seem to enjoy viewing and sharing my content and I often share stories of others just to pay it forward.

That being said my medical condition really does require me to walk, you may have read my novel Chapters Of Love™. I assure you it is not about my sexual conquests although it may seem that way because I am so used to writing in great detail. Chapters Of Love was written while I was walking thousands upon thousands of miles to grow arteries in my legs and heart so I would not die after over twenty seven 27! stents failed throughout my body and my heart. If you look up angiogenesis on wikipedia you will read that angiogenesis is the physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels and what you will not see, is that angiogenesis is what keeps me alive.

I have grown arteries to replace those that become blocked throughout my body from a rare genetic defect in chromosome 19.  Which basically means in short if I do not walk, and walk a great deal, I would not be here today and would not be here for very long. Now after many surgeries and new medications I have been granted another miracle. I am going to live a lot longer than expected, but only because of my marathon style walking and the remarkable surgeons at Saint Francis Hospital. I want to now dedicate my life to telling stories of others even while my story is being told hopefully one day by Hollywood. (Chapters Of Love™ a work in progress by a team I put together while walking and gave my memoirs, medical records, novel, and draft script to develop into a finished feature film and episodic series)

For now I will continue walking and hoping that my story is shared one day as I am grateful for my chapters of love™ and I think  that my team will evolve my own story to a level far beyond my individual capabilities. I live every day in gratitude, I always pay it forward, and I do Cherish every Chapter of Love™ I have participated in. No matter how short or long, conventional or unconventional, romantic or sexual. I assure you despite the genre I am an ethical and moral individual who simply shared from my heart while I contemplated my own mortality and the meaning of love and life.

So you are here for a reason. I would like to share your story on my new Reality Series because I feel your story is worthy of being shared. I will need for you to contribute to the production budget, and of course my hope is that what we create together will be a fantastic hit and shared as much or more than my own story has been shared.

Please shoot me out an email and let’s discuss over a walk. Live in Gratitude. Pay it Forward! Cherish your Chapters Of Love™. You may just find yourself on the next episode of John Dowling Interviews.